How often and how much do you crop?

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Re: How often and how much do you crop?

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A quote from one of Mike Johnston's recent posts on his excellent The Online Photographer website, talking about viewfinders:

'Winogrand often barely looks through his viewfinder at all. Cartier-Bresson hid his camera behind a handkerchief in his hands, and it was said that he could get it to his eye, take a picture, and hide it again before most people even noticed what he was doing.'

I have read about Bresson that he took pride in the fact that his photos didn't need cropping; he often had them printed showing the edges of the frame. You could say that he cropped in-camera and was very good/quick about it.

I think that's a large part of it. He had the experience and skills to work very quickly with the camera.

I don't know if Winogrand cropped afterwards, but I've read about him that he didn't even have all his film developed; hundreds of exposed rolls were found after his death. That takes it to a whole other level. If he didn't even care enough (or couldn't afford) to develop his film, he would JOLLY well not bother to crop!

I think Winogrand, toward the end, was more interested in doing photography than in showing or producing finished photographs. The thing for him was being out on the street with a camera. That's from reading and from a couple of my friends who knew him in Austin.

But if you look at the photographs he did print most of them have very strong composition within the frame even though he was said to work very quickly.

Both of these were people who had put in a lot of time and work learning to compose quickly in the camera.

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