One Lens for GFX100s

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Re: One Lens for GFX100s

hypercore360 wrote:

So, let me understand, what it is you're having an issue / problem with.

Is that that you're displeased with (according to you):

1. 90 postings? - Thanks for contributing to the 90+ posts. This is great.

2. Almost all lenses being proposed as candidates as the "one" lens? - I have no control over people suggesting the "one" lens. Everyone has and is allowed, to contribute to the discussion, if they so wish. As you are. Thanks.

3. 90 postings in 2 weeks? - Love it.

Did you have a suggestion for the "one" lens? I didn't go back to see if you contributed to the discussion per the topic at hand; you may very well have; Sorry that this is all too much to handle.

I think there was a side-cart discussion about cars in this thread a few postings back; maybe it was one of my other posts I started.

And here we go again, another post. Uff. LoL.

Cheers buddy!

You seem to have misread my post. As I wrote, I was simply making a linguistic joke, akin to a pun. I have no issue, no problem and am not displeased.

Tone is sometimes difficult to convey on line - my apologies if you mistook what I wrote as a personal attack - that was not at all the intent.

Doppler9000 wrote:

hypercore360 wrote:

Really? How do you figure? What are the lenses in contention then?

Well, there are over 90 postings in the thread, where many, if not all of the GFX lenses have been nominated as the one-lens lens, over the period of a week or so. I thought the use of “short” in this context was a bit ironic, so I made a small linguistic joke about the somewhat oxymoronic usage.

Doppler9000 wrote:

hypercore360 wrote:

Yup. Thanks. It's short listed I guess.

This is the longest short list I have seen!

Stan Disbrow wrote:


Now that your several laps into this race....

Might I suggest the 45-100?

That is, if you're interested in what a non GFX user thinks. But, a Pentax person instead. One who is about to give up waiting for Pentax to get off their collective seat warmers and stuff a Sony 100 MP sensor into their 645z in place of that 50 MP one.

I'd adapt what I have, save the 45-85. That I'd replace with the GF 45-100. One native lens. At least to begin with.

I haven't said up until now because I haven't shot with GFX yet. But that's the outcome of my own consideration.


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