**WHY IS This Forum Slowly Dying?**

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**WHY IS This Forum Slowly Dying?**

Hi all,

Some of the more recent members having signed up in the last three or four years won’t know how busy this forum used to be. Up until around 2017, with perhaps the peak years running from 2010 to 2015, responses to threads and posts regarding Panasonic Compact Cameras were far more frequent and attracted the attention of many more viewers than appear active here today. Having been a contributor to DPR since 2009, I can confirm that in its potential heyday, replies to posts came thick and fast and often within minutes rather than hours or even days of each other.

Perhaps a reliable sign of any forum’s current state regarding volume of traffic can be seen when we scroll down to the bottom thread in the listings on page one and note when the last post was added to it. As I write, there are 60 threads listed on page 1 here, the bottom two of which have not been active for a month, and the first 14 threads above them haven’t seen a post for three weeks. By comparison, head to the M4/3rd forum, which includes Panasonic gear, and you’ll note that the bottom 20 threads on page one each contains a message no more than one-day old.

Alas, folks, it seems to me that that our Panasonic Compact Camera Forum’s well and truly dying, but why?

Is it because smart phones are becoming all things to the majority of people who no longer consider buying additional and separate compact cameras, the likes of which Panasonic still make at this present moment in time?

Maybe it’s down to a combination of things, such as dwindling levels of public interest in talking about photography and/or the gear we use to capture those moments we like to record?

By all means , please feel free to discuss and add any potential reasons you feel could be pivotal in the seemingly dwindling levels of traffic we see here today compared to not so long ago.

In closing, because I suspect that in a few years time we’ll only have ILC’s from which to choose beyond smart phones, and because Panasonic’s in collaboration with a certain German manufacturer, here’s an image that I recently took of the very first guy I’ve ever bumped into who uses a Leica system. This one’s from the medium format and generally very expensive S-Series. We’re talking an eye-watering £16,500 for a new S3, or around £12,000 even for a used one. Ouch!

A lovely and friendly bloke he was too.

I don’t recall the exact model he had, but I couldn’t resist asking him to pose for a shot. What a lovely and friendly bloke he was, too. Admittedly I’ll probably never know unless I bump into him again and ask, but I wonder what folks like this guy – who obviously enjoy using top-end gear – would have to say about any potential threat smart camera phone tech might have on ‘proper cameras’, for want of a better phrase.

Although I probably won’t be adding anything more to the debate, I’d be interested to see the opinions of those who care to share them and chat amongst themselves below.

Thank you to all for your time in advance,


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