can someone give me some help with the F6 and SB400 flash please?

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Re: can someone give me some help with the F6 and SB400 flash please?

jodad wrote:

JohnnyLuddite wrote:

Does the Sb-400 say ttt or ttl/bl when attached to the F6? Whereas the sb-400 can do ttl/bl, it's not mentioned in the F6 manual, only the Sb-800 and Sb-600 are.

Also, what lens are you using? Does it have distance information support?

The SB400 is apparently good with ITTL. The flash itself doesn't have any screen or any buttons other than lock and on/off.

I'm using a 58 G lens so yes on distance info I believe

Yes, it should be the iTTL system. As the information fpapp's illustrated, your only control is whether spot metering (TTL) or matrix etc (TTL-BL).

And then, if you stick with P, then you've got a range of shutter speeds.

The thing I'm coming to grief with is sticking with P mode because you have no control of ambient versus flash contributions; and I've found that getting predictable results is then almost impossible particularly if you've got similar contributions from ambient and flash. You indicated that your scene is dark, but what kind of exposure without flash do you have?

TTL-BL works well when the scene's backlit and you're trying for fill on the subject. You may be better off with TTL if the flash is dominant - and with spot metering, the exposure on the subject would likely be correct then.

Do you have a digital body where you can experiment and get immediate feedback? I do this often when taking with an sb-800 on the F601, with the D750, and it gives pretty good results even without iTTL on the F601. I understand that your preference is for full auto, but I don't believe this is going to give you the best results with flash because you've lost control. Going for manual on the camera (while keeping TTL) can give good results because you can assess the relative ambient/flash.

PS - I would personally be considering an sb-800 or something with such a wonderful camera!  Congratulations by the way.

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