current state of producing photos for HDR display?

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Re: current state of producing photos for HDR display?


Is there a mainstream photographic editing tool made today that allows you to edit for display on HDR devices?

Not quite mainstream (actually far from it!), but recent versions of ART can do this if properly configured. Here is an SDR jpg and the "corresponding" HDR (with PQ transfer function) AVIF file with peak at 1000 nits. They were obtained from this raw file, and they should ideally look similar on a proper HDR display with a proper HDR viewer. I say should because I do not have an HDR display myself, so I'm not really sure it that actually works as intended

But it would be great if someone could test and confirm or correct my claim. Also if said someone is interested in the workflow, (s)he is welcome to send me a pm for more details.


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