Just for fun: pushing the high ISO limits on the R7

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Alastair Norcross
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Just for fun: pushing the high ISO limits on the R7

I recently bought Topaz AI, to go along with DXO PL5, which I've been using for almost a year, and Lightroom (and occasionally Photoshop), which I've been using since before the Napoleonic wars. So, just for fun, I thought I'd see what I can squeeze out of the R7 at its highest ISO setting (32,000) in low light. I put the RF 85 F2 on my R7, and shot my cat sitting on a cat ledge by the window before dawn this morning. This wasn't just high ISO, but also very low light (1/80 at F2 at ISO 32,000). The R7 focuses very well in low light, but it was really struggling with the 100-400, which I tried first (because that was what was on the camera this morning). It had a much easier time with the 3 stops faster 85 (not surprisingly). First, here's what I could get using just Lightroom:

LR only: a little masked sharpening, slight shadow and highlight recovery, slight vibrance

Next, I processed the RAW file in DXO Photolab with my default settings:

PL5, Deep Prime NR, Lens corrections, some shadow/highlight recovery

Next, I processed the RAW file in Topaz, using the defaults:

Topaz AI on defaults: notice the magenta color cast

Next, I thought I'd see what I could get using both DXO and Topaz, so I exported the file with DXO corrections as a DNG, and used Topaz AI on that:

DXO first, then Topaz AI.

Finally, I exported the double processed file (DXO, then Topaz) as a DNG, and took it back into Lightroom, for a little touch up (a little shadow recovery, slight extra NR, bit of texture, vibrance, masked sharpening):

DXO, Topaz AI, finished in Lightroom

Obviously, ISO 32,000 is a setting I'll almost certainly never use (again) on my R7, but it's interesting to see what you can do with the latest software. And this was a pretty quick pass through these programs. I'm sure I could squeeze more out, if I really needed to. I'm certainly very comfortable shooting the R7 at 12,800, which is about a stop slower than my highest comfortable setting on my R.

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