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Re: Stand-alone PDF viewers

atom14 wrote:

Billiam, for me, exactly as ReedW says below...

ReedW wrote:

I'm still using an old 9.x version of Foxit Reader. Several years ago I had upgraded, probably to a 10.x version, but went back to 9.x when I found out Foxit had removed the PDF printer functionality which I utilized frequently. here. The print functionality of Foxit is very [/Tick], but so is file creation.

I often use the print to PDF functionality in browsers these days (usually from Brave, my default browser on all platforms) so I don't use Foxit Reader as much as I used to.

To ReedW: Thanks for the info on Brave. I will have a look, although I never liked the Chrome interface and mostly (99.9% of the time) use Firefox. Additionally, I disabled the auto-update on Foxit


Here's the link to the Brave browser site. Check it out and see what you think.

I was a long-time Firefox devotee but decided to give Brave a try a couple of years ago. Found that I really liked it and decided to use it going forward.

Brave has a number of options for turning off some of the site security and tracking features, and occasionally I need to modify them for a particular site to work correctly, but it general it's not an issue. There is one banking site I use that takes forever to load in Brave, and I usually switch to Firefox for that particular site.

I switched to the Duck Duck Go search engine to cut down on the amount of my data being tracked.

I also use a VPN frequently to cut down the amount of data my ISP can track.

There's no getting away from data collection by big tech, but the products above are a good step in the right direction.

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