Z Cameras: who are Nikon's Customers?

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Re: Z Cameras: who are Nikon's Customers?

Longdolphin01 wrote:

This is an interesting thread. I've never owned a D850, but I fail to see why so many people talk about the Z7/II like it's a useless camera in comparison. It's my understanding that the autofocus is a bit better, but the Z7 II shoots way faster, has a bigger viewfinder, allows for eye and animal eye AF and has IBIS so you can stabilize your primes. It's also 300 grams lighter. That's huge.

I bought a Z50 because I'm an idiot. I shot Nikon already (got in with a D3500) and had a 50mm 1.8G lens that I liked. The Z50 had by far the best ergonomics of the cameras in its price range and a great sensor. Since then I've spent far more on glass than I saved by staying with Nikon, and I hold on to my Z50 because I don't feel like taking a hit selling a great camera that is hamstrung by Nikon's refusal to produce glass for it.

If I could go back in time, I would buy a Fujifilm camera, because they have glass that is excellent, and there's no BS about the "real" photographers shooting full frame. I've been waiting two and a half years for Nikon to give me a 24mm DX prime. It's all I want. I've held off on buying the Viltrox for that reason. Nikon makes amazing glass and has cameras with amazing ergonomics, but we don't all drink the FF Kool-aid. FWIW, the autofocus on the Z50 is quite solid if you shoot it with nice, bright glass like you would on FF. Nikon just refuses to make stuff like that.

I think Nikon would benefit from communicating a bit better and/or figuring out internally who their target customers are. Sony targets everyone, and will sell you a great camera regardless of your interest. Fuji is moving in that direction with their latest push into wildlife. Canon is Canon and people will buy their stuff regardless. OM System is all about the outdoors and Panasonic is all in on Video. If I knew what I know now years ago when I bought into Nikon, I would run in the opposite direction.

Are you a pro who wants great autofocus, two card slots, access to awesome glass and lots of custom settings? The OM-1 and XH2-S await. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who would be happy to buy your Nikon gear and then complain about it!

I was in the same exact situation as you, came from a d3500 + 35 mm DX combo, which i really loved. Bought the Z50, loved the small body and good ergonomics. The twin kit lenses also are really good performers, way above my expectations. I was very willing on spending more money to buy some more lenses for the Z50 but...Nikon is just not providing the options. I was initially planning on buying both the 12-28 mm and 24 mm DX lenses whenever they come out, but the first turned out to be a power zoom, so it's a no go for me. The 24 mm DX...who knows when it comes out at this pace.
If Nikon can't find the resources to make DX lenses fine (though I hardly believe that), but then why not strike a deal with Sigma or Tamron to get their APS-C lenses to Z DX? The answer is simple, they want to force DX user into FX, even if they don't want to. And they are free to do it, just don't expect me to be a part of it. I would rather step back to smartphones than do that.

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