What flash do you use?

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Re: What flash do you use?

madecov wrote:

...The only issue I had is that out-of-the-box, my MagMod diffuser doesn't fit the V1, but with a lot of muscle I was able to stretch the rubber MagMod Maggrip around the round head of the V1 and now the MagMod works great - a better fit than with the V860's.

Just FYI,The MagGrip 2 now easily fits the round-headed speedlights, and is a bit smaller/lighter than the OG MagGrip. They basically did a Magmod 2.

Michael Firstlight wrote:

... The only bummer is the V1 Li-Ion batteries are different than the V860IIs (but are the same as the V860III's, so it means carrying two different types of batteries unless I replace the 860IIs.

This is the only reason why i haven't upgraded.

Well, there's also the bummer that the newer VB26 batteries have lower capacity than the older VB18. The VB26 in the V1/V860 III spec at 480 full power bursts on a charge, while the VB18s in the V860 II specced at 650 (vs. NiMh 4xAAs in the TT685 that spec out at 230).

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