What flash do you use?

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Re: What flash do you use?

Well,I just picked up a Godox V1 and tried doing backlit scenes with the Z9 - perfect; no FEC adjustments required. I tried straight-on and bounce camera in manual, fixed ISO, auto-ISO, aperture priority, etc - multiple combos and the backlit subjects get just the right amt of fill - all-natural looking. Replaces the R2Pro/Xpro to remotely control my pair of V860II's when it's on camera and can easily suppress any of the remote flashes or the on-camera V2.

The only issue I had is that out-of-the-box, my MagMod diffuser doesn't fit the V1, but with a lot of muscle I was able to stretch the rubber MagMod Maggrip around the round head of the V1 and now the MagMod works great - a better fit than with the V860's.

The only bummer is the V1 Li-Ion batteries are different than the V860IIs (but are the same as the V860III's, so it means carryng two differnt types of batteries unless I relace the 860IIs.


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