Panasonic planning to release new cameras?

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Re: Panasonic planning to release new cameras?

Skeeterbytes wrote:

jcr4486 wrote:

Skeeterbytes wrote:

They're not exactly chumming the waters with new lenses. In the last three years they introduced two.

Guessing the longterm G9 users are all caught up.

Seems like a G9ii (or whatever) would be an important addition--24MP stills-centric model.

My $0.02.


yes, but the system exist for longtime and plente of lenses available exiist.... if you look in to traditional canon or nikon hpow many were launch in same time ?

you cannot compare to new systems that just arrived .... you need to compare with systems with so many lenses available sa Pana/olympus...

If the issue is between "get more lenses" and "upgrade camera" plenty of current G9 owners have a complete lens suite with no meaningful additions there, and the GH6 isn't really a type-for-type camera upgrade. An updated G9 is the next kit upgrade to their Panny-based system. It is a five-year old flagship, ancient in this marketplace.

Otherwise it's either get an Oly body or jump to a different system--a far more disruptive move.

yes for sure there are several like that, and I agree with you, but also a lot complainig for new models that just have kit lenses, I know a couple and for sure exist many more....

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