One Lens for GFX100s

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Re: One Lens for GFX100s

Yup. Thanks. It's short listed I guess.

Stan Disbrow wrote:


Now that your several laps into this race....

Might I suggest the 45-100?

That is, if you're interested in what a non GFX user thinks. But, a Pentax person instead. One who is about to give up waiting for Pentax to get off their collective seat warmers and stuff a Sony 100 MP sensor into their 645z in place of that 50 MP one.

I'd adapt what I have, save the 45-85. That I'd replace with the GF 45-100. One native lens. At least to begin with.

I haven't said up until now because I haven't shot with GFX yet. But that's the outcome of my own consideration.


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