Thinking of selling my brand new X100V

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Re: Thinking of selling my brand new X100V

Vetteran wrote:

About 9 months ago, I added my name to my local camera store’s waiting list for a black X100V. This past Friday a silver X100V came in and I purchased it. Also bought the Fuji black case, a NiSi UHD UV filter/hood.

See, there lies the problem. You settled for something that wasn't what you originally ordered. 

When I got home, charged the battery and placed an LCD protector on the LCD. Checked out the camera to make sure it’s working (took a few shots) although shutter count registers “0”. Didn’t even unpack the strap and put it on the camera.

Never install the LCD protector until you've fully checked out the camera. I did that once. As soon as I took it out of the box installed the protector, right before I discovered the camera had a flaw and had to be returned. Wasted a protector I did.

Anyway, thinking about selling the camera for what I paid. Would return it but my local camera store does not accept any returns without a 15% restocking fee (really!).

Well, they can no longer sell it as "new." They'd have to sell it as used, or open box. They probably don't feel like they should take the financial hit because you changed your mind.

The camera is beautiful but just does not check all my boxes. I use Leica X series which are growing old, VLUX 114, and Nikon D750s. As different as night and day.

Bottomline, unless I have an epiphany, I will probably sell the camera, if there is no hassle in doing so. In the interim, I’ll keep it in the box.

It can sometimes be a hassle to sell yourself. A lot of tire kickers out there that buy something to try it out and then decide they want to return it (oops) :-).

I must be crazy.

You are in good company.

Out or curiosity, what were you expecting from the X100V that it didn't meet your expectations? Only asking because I've bought and sold several X100 bodies and they never totally fit my kit for reasons I could never explain. If you're going to have to sell it as used, you might as well give it a fair chance before doing so just to be sure. A lot of people LOVE their X100 cameras.


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