Movement Detected between Z Lens > Z TC > Camera Body

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Movement Detected between Z Lens > Z TC > Camera Body

As made known in my few previous posts.

I am new to the forum and a recent adopter of using the Z9 > Z 100-400mm, and even more recently introduced the Z TC 2.0 into the set up.

Historically and to date, I have not had many lenses used on a DSLR that has not had a TC attached, and during this period, I have been a typical Tripod over shoulder Transporter of the equipment.

At no time have I been with a Concern for a Lens>TC>Camera Body Coupling, even though how the equipment is attached to the Gimbal and Tripod will always be mindful.

I recently whilst gathering info' about the Camera Body, read a article expressing concerns about too many couplings that can be put in place with the Z Systems available ancillaries used for Lens adaption. This article came to mind during my last outing, as I was met with as situation that was quite unusual to me, I definitely have no recollection of showing a concern for a lens coupling.

My most recent experience when out with the Z9>Lens>TC, presented a scenario that is new to myself and one that I am keen to learn about the impact and have started looking into measures to eliminate the occurrence again whilst set up for taking photo's.

The presented scenario, is that with the Kit in use on a Monopod,  I could detect the Camera Body was able to show flexion when held, even though very minor in detection, the Camera Body did not have a rigid coupling to the TC, and further investigation showed similar flexion between Lens>TC.

Two locations in an assembly able to be detected as not being rigid, even though very minor, left me feeling unsure that the movement is without any effect on a Cameras Function. I can not help but think the Z9 is a fine tuned tool, and would benefit from a  connection for a TC or Lens that does not show any signs of yield.

Additionally, the thought extended to being concerned for a fatigue developing over a period of time and further slack developing between the connections, if not corrected with measures to reduce any movement.

What one feels about something witnessed and what is the reality of the condition being witnessed are two different subjects, I have chose to look at the mechanical interface and see where a simple measure can be used to reduce the noticed movement.

I have opted to utilise a device 'yet to be bought in' that will couple the Camera Body and the Base Plate attached to the Lens Foot, with a rigid fastening.

I am hoping if the correct device is selected the chance of any movement happening between connections will be reduced substantially or eliminated completely.

Is there any thoughts that can be offered, on what is the reality in relation to a detected movement, or not a detected movement at a Lens Coupling on Image Quality.

Nikon Z9
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