So a f/1.8 on a 1" sensor would still gather more light than a f/3.5 on an APS-C?

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Re: Back to the original point:

Bob A L wrote:

YangMills wrote:

Why can't you understand that

  • f/1.8 on 1" sensor, ISO100, 1/100s, and
  • f/3.5 on apsc sensor, ISO400, 1/100s

given the same scene brightness and pespective, will yield the same output (noise, motion blur, DoF, diffraction and image lightness) within 1/3 of a stop. There is no 2 stop advantage in this scenario.

I certainly don't have a problem understanding that. Not quite sure how senile you think I am. In fact I stated exactly the same thing earlier. But if I simply raise the iso to 400 on the 1" sensor camera, then see a 2 stop advantage in the ability to produce an identically exposed "photo" in lower light levels.

And then I raise the ISO on the APS-C camera to 1600 and shoot in the same light as you shoot the 1" at ISO 400. And again I get the same lightness, and the same other factors. So where is the 2-stop advantage?

We can keep raising the ISO and dropping the scene luminance in 2-stop increments, always with the APS-C camera having two stops higher ISO and two stops slower aperture.  When do we stop? How does this alleged 2-stop advantage for f/1.8 on 1" over f/3.5 on APS-C ever come into play?

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