So a f/1.8 on a 1" sensor would still gather more light than a f/3.5 on an APS-C?

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Re: Back to the original point:

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

The confusing thing to beginners is to emphasize (lower) noise (and shallow-DOF) is the primary goal when 99% of (especially daylight) images have NO-noise,

There is no such thing as a photograph with no noise. You do a disservice to beginners to suggest that there is. Different people have different thresholds for how much noisiness is acceptable.

Your past postings of your own work show that you have a much higher tolerance for noise than do many people who post here asking about noise issues. There is nothing objectively superior about your tolerance level than theirs, so don't try to use your tolerance level as the reference by which all must be bound.

(and can be mitigated via NR when there is).

Therefore the 1"-type vs APS is if less importance than 2-stop SS advantage.

Please explain the nature of this supposed two stop-advantage. How does having a f/1.8 lens on 1" stop an APS-C user with a f/3.5 lens from using the same shutter speed. For Bob A L's sake, try to keep noise out of your explanation, but If you must bring up noise, remember that at the same shutter speed the APS-C sensor has a 1.7 stop advantage before taking into account differences in f-stop.

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