So a f/1.8 on a 1" sensor would still gather more light than a f/3.5 on an APS-C?

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Re: Back to the original point:

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

YangMills wrote:

The OP asked the advantage of f/1.8 over f/3.5, (2-stops SS).

He asked the advantage of 1"-type over APS, (almost 2-stops "noise"). But "noise" may not be a factor until it becomes "noticeably-objectionable".

He did not separate them as you are doing. The scenario he presented was f/1.8 on 1” and f/3.5 on Apsc and in that scenario there is NO 2 stop advantage. You keep making this objectively wrong statement and it’s helping no-one.

I think that some of the people who oppose this obvious truth are genuine. They aren't arguing for the sake of it. They have a belief system about how photography works which simply doesn't allow for it. It starts with the idea that exposure is paramount, even if the reason for this is not articulated (and in many cases, what exposure actually is, is unknown). The only reason, in this theory, for choosing a particular f-number is to achieve 'correct exposure' (also undefined).

When people come out and say things that are incompatible with this view, they feel duty bound to defend what they see as the orthodoxy. The defence usually goes round in circles, because this orthodoxy isn't underpinned by any facts, just a set of rules which must be obeyed. Once the discussion has gone through all the rules, it comes back to the first one, 'because exposure'.

That this state of affairs has happened isn't surprising, since most of the easily available photographic explainers promote this viewpoint.

As you observe, the discussion does nothing to help beginners making honest enquiries, but if people insist on defending a point of view that is clearly wrong, it is bound to happen.

The confusing thing to beginners is to emphasize (lower) noise (and shallow-DOF) is the primary goal when 99% of (especially daylight) images have NO-noise, (and can be mitigated via NR when there is).

Therefore the 1"-type vs APS is if less importance than 2-stop SS advantage.

There is NO 2 stop advantage in the OP’s scenario. You keep repeating it and it is entirely wrong and misleading.

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