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I suppose if I meant one focal length, I would have perhaps said so. I do not. I simply mean one lens to start with. I can easily go ahead and buy 2 or 3 other lenses with it. But I do not want to do that. When I started with photography, almost 40 years ago, it was with a 50mm (one lens).

My intention is to use the hell out of that 'one' lens, say, for a year, and then acquire others, as needed.


LeonD wrote:

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.... What recommendation for that "one" lens. Greatly appreciated!


Literally, one lens means any one lens. But I guess my brain translates one lens to be one focal length. In reality, isn't the 35-70 really 28mm, 35mm and 55mm (ff equivalent) lenses wrapped up in one package?

Lots of words have been written about the benefits of using a single focal length for the "photographer's eye" benefit. I think the single focal length helps one learn the camera system also.

I recently came to the GFX system with a GFX50S II and 35-70 lens. I added the 100-200 lens as this pair is what I use for landscape photography. But I also purchased the 45mm which is my "single lens".

In the months I've owned the system, I've put the 35-70 and 100-200 lenses on the camera maybe two or three times. The 45mm has literally lived on the camera. And I feel it's helped me better learn what the system can and cannot do.

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