So a f/1.8 on a 1" sensor would still gather more light than a f/3.5 on an APS-C?

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Re: Back to the original point:

Bob A L wrote:

I guess I just don't understand.

In that case you should refrain from making objectively false statements on a beginners forum.

I have cameras with several different sensor sizes, and I also have cameras with the same sensor size that have huge differences in noise characteristics.

Of course there are variations of this kind. As people have said over and over, any comparison assumes a similar sensor performance between different formats. However, objectionable noise in modern sensors is overwhelmingly caused by shot noise which is independent of sensor design and performance.

And I may choose to use a different exposure in certain situations to reduce the chance of what I consider excessive noise, but it is not in direct relation to sensor size, it is more based on noise characteristics of the particular sensor.

Then you are making a mistake assuming you are making that choice between reasonably modern sensors. It's an objective fact that for the same scene, view, exposure time and f/#. larger sensors will have lower noise than smaller sensors. However, as others have said, this thread is not about your preferences but about an objective difference between two clearly defined scenarios.

I Also, understand that I do not consider using post processing in my photo workflow. If your workflow entails shooting raw and processing yourself, that changes everything which I have no problem with, but the difference is in the manipulation of the data after exposure was done, not simply the characteristics of the particular sensor.

In what way does it change everything?

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