current state of producing photos for HDR display?

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Re: current state of producing photos for HDR display?

Brian Kimball wrote:

Thank you so, so much! You've been a goldmine of useful starter info. _REALLY_ appreciate it. If I have any luck I'll be sure to report back with samples.

And speaking of HDR TVs, I can confirm the Apple Photos app on Apple TV fails to show HDR photos properly. That's a real bummer.

Finally, I can perhaps offer something interesting: JPGs exported by either Apple Photos or by Apple Preview from an Apple-produced HLG HEIC are surprisingly still HDR. I don't believe they're following the new JPG/ICC specs you've described since they aren't displaying as HDR in Chrome Dev. See samples here, including Lightroom's non-HDR export from the source HEIC:

I think Preview can show HDR properly, in reference to your earlier comment. I also use tev, which I linked. It has a GUI btw.

And thanks for the summary. I think a lot of people don't realize that there are quite a lot of HDR capable displays in people's hands, even if not in TVs, out there. Seems rather odd that will all the fuss over "low light shooting" and DR specs in cameras and whatnot that this very obvious improvement in stills isn't implemented better in the stills world. But it took them quite a while to get wider acceptance of LUTs in still processing software as well.

And again, good you brought this up. DPR should do another article about it.

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