Copying photos back from PC onto the SD card

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Re: Copying photos back from PC onto the SD card

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Hello I have a question about SD card or to be exact how to view on camera photos copied from PC back onto the SD card. I would prefer to copy them back onto the SD card and to view on camera after I edited them on PC. However, I ran into a problem. I was able to copy from PC onto SD card – it’s pretty self explanatory you insert the SD card into the PC, it shows the SD card folder, you copy or drag files from pictures folder on the PC into the SD card folder (the folder is called DCIM). So I used this method and when I am on the PC I am able to see that the photo is on the SD card. However, when I insert the SD card into the camera and try to view the saved photo on camera it is NOT there. I tried formatting the SD card and used several different SD cards but had the same problem. I use Nikon D3300 camera. I would really appreciate if someone helps me out with this problem. Thanks so much. .

It can be done.

The photo files from your PC will need to be saved to the photo subfolder in the DCIM folder.

The generic name of the subfolder of my D5600 is 101D5600, and 100CPA in my Coolpix A.

It is most likely 100D3300 in your D3300.

However, if you have formatted your card, the subfolder will also be deleted. You can recreate the subfolder by taking a photo.

Thank you very much for your reply. I saved the copied photo in the DCIM folder indeed. Right next to the photo that was taken by the camera. When I insert the SD card back into the camera the photo that was taken by the camera is there and the one copied from the PC is NOT there. Maybe I am viewing it incorrectly on camera. I go to press the the viewing screen - the button with a little triangle that you press right after you've taken the image with your camera and wish to see it.

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