One Lens for GFX100s

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A 1991 Ford Country Squire station wagon would be the 'right choice'. Big enough to hold a month's worth of groceries. Worth next to nothing these days. Not on any theft risk list.

And 91 was the last year those were made. 96 was the last for the GM versions, which were a bit larger. So, holds more groceries.

Station wagons were great street cars. Fold the back seat down, it's a small pick up truck. Leave it up and it hauls more people. They even do well towing a small boat. Go fishing!

What was amazing is just how many racers opted for station wagons for their everyday cars. Count me among them. Right now I don't have one, but I do miss it. So I may well get another. They are getting to be a tad hard to find. Who'd ever thunk that given how common they were....

All that said, I had a few Fiat X 1/9s and they were great grocery getters. They had that deep well front trunk. It even would hold the targa top at the top just under the lid. And they had a small trunk behind the mid engine to hold some tools and strategic parts. It was a Fiat after all!

My Loti, however, not nearly as good at the job. Especially the Sevens. Tiny boot!

So, I can't recall what this Porsche look like up front as I never was around a street version. Just racing ones like the 935. No room for anything but the driver in those. Sometimes a small seat was added for a potential riding mechanic as some series rules call for that. No one ever actually rode in one, though.


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