applying stabilization to a side by side stereo movie clip

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Re: applying stabilization to a side by side stereo movie clip

Most of my 3d stereo video recording is done  using two cameras. In many cases I record at 120fps ( Slow motion mode on the camera ). In this mode any stabilization on the camera is switched off. Also there is no sound recorded and the focus and exposure settings are fixed at the point the record button is pressed. I don't find this a problem and to some extent it is an advantage. To make synchronization of the timing of the two clips easier when editing, I put my hand/arm moving in a downward direction in front of the two camera lenses at the beginning of  the recording. If sound is being recorded then I make a click sound with my mouth near the two cameras and use this on the sound tracks to align the timing of my videos to the nearest frame. I use  a couple of different video editors for producing Side by Side or anaglyph outputs.

The cameras I am using don't have log profile, so I have a custom setting where I make the contrast , saturation, noise reduction, sharpness all set to a low setting. This creates a sort of flat image which I have to grade back to a 'normal' look in the video editor. I think it gives me a little more dynamic range than I would otherwise get using a 'normal' profile ( ie REC709 ).

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