Nikkor 105mm f2.5 on Z9

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Dibyendu Majumdar wrote:

Mikspin wrote:

Very nice! I still have my 105-2.5 ai-s from the eighties. Your compositions are superb, and the lens performs wonderfully.

Thank you - the lens is great even on 45 megapixels!

How did you get the exif data recorded. On my Z6 aperture and exif data are not recorded. Mike

You can set the lens focal length and max aperture using the non-cpu lens data menu; this is actually needed for sensor VR to work.

I did a "dandelion chip" mod on mine. Now it lets me control aperture from the secondary command dial, works in P and S in addition to A and M, and won’t stop down below f5.6 while focusing or composing so focus peaking performs better (it does properly stop down to any set aperture when shooting or when you use DOF preview).

For the 105mm f2.5 Ai-S you have to file, Dremmel, or mill a notch for it in the rear anti-glare shroud. That part comes off with three screws and does not affect optical alignment so it's an easy job.

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