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AlbertTheLazy wrote:

Sandy-new wrote:

Hi everyone,

I have a Nikon D3400 and I'm very happy with my 6 years old camera, but I want to update the camera

Why? What's wrong with your D3400? What does it stop you doing?

to become professional.

Literally 'professional'? That means you want to earn a reasonable chunk of your income taking photographs for money.

Or do you just mean 'better at photography'?

I mean better at photography

Either way, speaking as a retired pro with a lot of studio experience I would be quite happy using a D3400 for 'product & food photography'.

As someone else has said, getting a better, more suitable lens might be useful.

How much have you spent on lighting, backdrops...? Do you use a tripod?

Yes, I'm using a tripod and buying more lighting.

How about improving your technique? Is there any chance targeted learning would improve your work?

How are your photos used? Prints? Big prints? Web site? ...?

I'm reading a lot of websites and reviews and it's a bit confusing. I'm not sure if buy a Nikon D850, Canon D5 Mark IV or a Sonny a7r III. These are the cameras in my budget. Not sure either if it's worth one of these expensive cameras for product and food photography

Unless you have specific requirements you have not mentioned I can see no benefit at all.

or it's enough a camera like Nikon D7500.

What do you expect that to do for you that your D3400 can't? These two models came out within a year of each other and the D7500 actually has a lower resolution sensor than the D3400.

If you desperately want to spend some money on a new camera body consider the D5300. For studio photography it is more convenient because it has an articulated rear screen.

Thanks for the recommendation. I was checking different YouTube channels and they were recommending these expensive cameras (full frame), but it seems that I don't need them. My d3400 is giving me some problem sometimes, for this reason I want to buy a new camera.

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