Worst nightmare shipping experience buying used camera gear :/

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Worst nightmare shipping experience buying used camera gear :/

I buy a lot of camera gear off eBay and its mostly fine but sometimes I get the worst packing jobs.

So I bought a 'cheap' D2x for fun off eBay.  Buyer says it was 'mint' and 'well taken care of'.  I mean sure it looks decent even after getting it in hand but boy did this guy not pack very well.  Why bother using words like 'mint' and 'well taken care of' if you're gonna pack it so terribly.  Where to start....

1)Using a way too big moving box with the handle cut outs which can be an ingress point for water/debris and also it can rip which it did leaving a huge hole by the time it was delivered.  Luckily nothing had fallen out of this hole.

2)Camera and accessories placed in a camera bag inside the outer cardboard box.  That sounds fine on paper until you see the camera bag has no internal dividers or padding material so it may as well be a cardboard box with no padding.  This is one of my pet peeves is receiving items shipping with inadequate packing material or none at all.  I don't understand how people can box up like that.  Find some trash even and shove it in there.

3)No body cap on the camera.  Another peeve.  Cameras and lenses shipped without caps and without any other improvised protection.  Cover it with masking tape, box tape, put it in a plastic bag, literally anything.

This camera had to endure the ride all the way from IL to CA like this.

Luckily it seems to have arrived mostly unscathed.  Probably more scratches than it had before the trip but not damaged functionally.

One time many years ago I got a relatively cheap lens shipped to be in a cardboard box with no packing material at all.  It arrived with a few glass elements cracked and detached from the lens body.  Bravo.  Literally anything can be packing material if you're that lazy or maybe people think its fine.

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