current state of producing photos for HDR display?

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Re: current state of producing photos for HDR display?

spider-mario wrote:


Assuming that “input.png” contains pixel data in Rec. 2020 PQ (not necessarily with any HDR signaling at all), the following command compresses it to AVIF:

$ avifenc --ignore-icc --cicp 9/16/9 -d 12 input.png output.avif [other compression options…]


For JPEG XL, it would be more convenient to start from a PPM file, and do:

$ cjxl -x color_space=RGB_D65_202_Rel_PeQ input.ppm output.jxl


The only solution I have found to view them on my TV is to encode them as a video. FFmpeg can do it, e.g. this creates a 30-second video of just one image, albeit without tone-mapping metadata:

$ ffmpeg -loop 1 -i input.ppm -t 30 -c:v libx265 -crf 12 -pix_fmt yuv420p10le -color_primaries bt2020 -color_trc smpte2084 -colorspace bt2020nc output.mkv

Thank you so, so much! You've been a goldmine of useful starter info. _REALLY_ appreciate it. If I have any luck I'll be sure to report back with samples.

And speaking of HDR TVs, I can confirm the Apple Photos app on Apple TV fails to show HDR photos properly.  That's a real bummer.

Finally, I can perhaps offer something interesting: JPGs exported by either Apple Photos or by Apple Preview from an Apple-produced HLG HEIC are surprisingly still HDR.  I don't believe they're following the new JPG/ICC specs you've described since they aren't displaying as HDR in Chrome Dev.  See samples here, including Lightroom's non-HDR export from the source HEIC:

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