Panasonic planning to release new cameras?

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Re: Panasonic planning to release new cameras?

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I'm a bit hesitant doing this thread.

On one hand the world basically gone to poo for the last few years but on the other hand you had other camera companies still releasing cameras like Fuji. So it does make me wonder what going on with Panasonic?

So this year Panasonic finally released the GH6 when the camera was meant to be released the previous year? They aren't the only company having problems releasing new products due to component shortages. However, the GH6 is targeted mainly for videographers and us still photographers either have to wait or try out other brands.

So the question is how long are we going to wait for the GX10 with the GH6 sensor inside or the G9 successor? I know the G9 successor should come out a year later than the GH6, so it shouldn't be basically the same camera like what happened with the G9 and the GH5. Same camera but one geared mainly for video and the other for wildlife/sport.

My other concern is Panasonic appears to be releasing the same camera with different components. We had the GH5 mark 2 with a G9 processor instead of the original GH5? A point n shoot camera with a different screen and now the same happened to G90/95. There were rumours the GX9 production was stopped so it components would go to other cameras. I don't know how true that is however, apparently Panasonic are requesting retailers to buy their cameras in bulk and that why some retailers not stocking Panasonic cameras.

I do hope things do pick up because I like M43 for it flexibility in the field. However, if things don't improve, I probably consider investing in Nikon Z instead.

I undestand you and I also wait impatiently for a new camera to replace G9, but for those that also want a new body I ask ... did you already purchase all the higher grade lens you should have ? generally speaking, people will get better quality improvement from upgrading the lens than the camera body...

...some did it and have a nice collection of lenses, sometimes high end quality ones... but many times, people have bodies and complain on not having new camera models, but keep cameras with lit lenses or other entry level lenses...

...nothing wrong with those lenses, many times they are more than enough... but if majority of people asking for a new body, would invest in better lenses, probably they would get the quality increase they hope to have with a new body... probably even bigger jump in quality with the new lens option, than the new body... I say... but is just my opinion...

What could you want better than the G9? Already the G9 is a very large capable and complex camera which is way overkill for the vast majority of photographers who are likely to use only a small fraction of its available functions. The more durable and ‘professional’ Lumix alternatives for the G9 are already available of course and they are the GH5 II and the GH6. Whether you wish to pay for the upgrade is another matter, but they are available.

not much... just a better autofucus (fast moving objects for example).... or a less noise sensor at high iso, or lower base ISO...or higher resolutiojn...or new technology sensor,... we know it has been announced for lontime, just not arriving at newer modelsyet... or other real innovations like what Panasonic is known for .... (and please do not tell me you can have pictures with no noise... we all know tthat with tripod and long shutter can do it...but we are not talking about that...)

overall I am not complaining with G9, I love it... but exist for too long to not have a upgrade with some new new functions / improvements... we are used to panasonic having innovations in the sector...

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