Panasonic where are you?

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Re: Panasonic where are you?

Mrdavie wrote:

I get emails regularly from Olympus with sales of their MFT lenses, and articles about their cameras, etc. I get squat from Panasonic. Maybe the jury is out on the future of Panasonic’s commitment to MFT. They’ve released new MFT video-centric cameras, but where are their marketing people? Their job is to make customers feel good about having invested in Panasonic cameras. Are we victims of Panasonic management, to bottom, who do not give a hoot about customers or improving their Panasonic camera customer experience? I have seen nothing new.

I partly agree with you., on one side I have the exact same feeling...but on the other, i know how it works... and marketing investment yes, does bring results...but at same time well made marketing representes 3/4 of the investment on launch of a new product... ( generally speaking on big selling product, not development neither tooling are the biggest cost, but marketing ism with some few exceptions)

now imagine if panasonic would invest on marketing what olympus does... how much more sales they would have... In my opinion, more than olympus, as I trully believe Panasonic are better products, better construction quality, less after sales service, better user experience, better organized and more intuitive menus, etc. (yes, I have/had several and both for several years, and even olympus user since analog...and plenty of friends in both olympus/panasonic)

On the other hand, profit at the end, not sure if it would be more... more sales does not mean more profit, traditional marketing that brings sales has a huge is a balance options and take decisions... sometimes we do not understand and would do things differently... but they have a reason for doing it the way they do...

..sadly I believe that Panasonic did not embark the new age, the age that marketing is done in modern ways, with significanlty different costs, and way different returns...

so, i understand both sides and I have mixed feelings...neither is necesserelay right or wrong...are just different ways of doing things..not alwayts we agree or we understand why...

...but I would do things differently

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