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I have been shooting Nikon both Dx and Fx nd moved to z6ii about a year ago. I love the z6ii and the z lenses.

While on a trip to Italy I ran into an English photographer with a Sony a7iv and Sigma 24-70 f2.8. I was impressed by the difference in weight between my z and the Sony, not to speak about the lenses. Although he admitted the out of camera images are better for Nikon, although Sony is catching up, for travel this could be a deal breaker.

The differences in weight is 116‬ g. Personally, I don't see how that can be a deal breaker for anyone, except some really weak people. I am 66+ and have zero issues with it, though I am not that fit, I do take several VERY long walking trips (30-40 km/day) in tough terrain every year. Anyway, if the price is IQ then my decision is made, especially since the Sony also costs 1/3rd more, at least here in Sweden.

Some food for thought

If the 116 g extra would be an issue for me then I'd seriously consider using a much smaller camera, or a really small and light lens. Nevertheless, weight is just one of the parameters, ergonomics is another. I never liked Sony in that aspect.

It’s not even 116g. Body weights below include batteries.

Sony A7iv 658g

Sigma 24-70 835g

Sony 24-70 GM 886g

Sony 24-70 GM II 695g

Nikon Z6ii 705g

Nikon 24-70 805g

So the combination that the English photographer had was lighter by only 17g. If someone already owns the originally Sony GM then their kit is heavier than the Nikon kit. The Nikon 24-70 was the lightest such lens until the new Sony GM II came out.

I was checking the f4 kits.

Nikon 24-70/4 = 500g + Nikon Z6ii = 605g in total 1105g

Sony A7iv = 573g + Sony 24-70/4 = 426g in total 999g

I see now that I made a mistake, the difference is 106g. I checked the weight without battery and memory card. I think that one who is concerned about weight is not going to go for f/2.8 lenses.

I was just reacting to dcc2020’s post where he was mentioning another traveler that was using the A7iv and Sigma 24-70 2.8, and that it was much lighter than the equivalent Z6ii kit. In reality they’re the same weight. Also, I think that your weights might be off, or at least they don’t include the weight of the battery.

I certainly agree that from a travel perspective I would choose one of the slower but lighter lenses. I’m about to take my 24-200 and 14-30 to Asia. I would swap out the 24-200 for the 24-120 if I could afford it (hopefully soon), but can’t imagine lugging a 2.8 around just for the extra light gathering when I’m probably going to be stopping down a lot of the time anyways. The main downside with my kit is street photography at night. I have a 20 1.8 but not sure it’s the right FOV for street or that I’ll use it enough to make it worth bringing.


I was actually puzzled with your feedback as indeed the 24-70 f2,8 lens from Sigma is +800g, which confused me since I hd it in my hand and I can assure you it felt lighter than my z 24-200.

So after some further digging, I think I found what caused the confusion. It was the Sigma 28-70 f2,8 DG GN lens, which weighs only 470g, so mounted on a Sony a7iv, total weight of 1043g.

That's light, but having said this, I would also rather have the Nikon z6/7 combined with a z 24-70 F4 / z 24-200 than the sony combination for travel as I prefer 24 over 28 rather than the extra stop of light. If I need a faster lens, I'll take a prime instead.



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