Nikon Z 24mm f/1.8 vs Viltrox 24mm f/1.8

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Re: Viltrox has W-shaped field curvature

ipopov wrote:

Regarding Viltrox, other reviewers found the same thing:

> It is sharp in the center and renders quite some detail in the FF/FX-corner but suffers from a relatively soft zone in the middle third of the image-circle. You need to stop the lens down to f5.6 to lift this zone to good resolution.

from Cameralabs review

(link to sharpness comparison: )

Looks like this lens has significant W-shaped field curvature.

Having tried the 23mm APS-C lens, I didn't like their build, overall feel, and the AF was a bit unpredictable compared to ANY Z lens.  I might like a plastic lighter version, or maybe a more traditionally shaped lens instead of the pringles can design.  As an example, Canon's RF18-150 kit has a similar design, but feels nicer in hand.

There's room for a few non-S non-compact f2.8 primes, or you can adapt a $ony G lens with the megadap v2, which is what I'm doing.

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