GH6 Question / AEL & AFL set separately.

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GH6 Question / AEL & AFL set separately.

Hi Everyone!


I am trying to set my GH6 so I can set & lock Focus (AFL) and then, separately, set and hold Exposure (AEL).

That is, I will first point the camera on the item to focus, press AFL to focus lock, and then move to the area where I want exposure to set, and press AEL. Then I will take the shots (multiple, with out having focus and exposure changing).


I have assigned AFL to "up arrow" on the dial (Fn14) and I have assigned AEL to "down arrow" (Fn16).

THE PROBLEM: Once I set either AFL or AEL, then the other function no longer operates. I.e., if I set focus with AFL... it focuses and then holds the focus but disables functioning of the AEL button. Pressing the down arrow (assigned to AEL) does nothing at this point. If I disable focus lock, then the AEL will work again. And, vice versa.


1) Am I missing something in how I've setup the buttons, or in the typical functioning of the AEL and the AFL buttons? Is there a different way to accomplish my goal as stated in THE CHALLENGE, above?

I KNOW EVERYONE LIKES TO RESPOND, BUT PLEASE only answer if you actually know the answer, or if you have a GH6 (or similar Panasonic) and you have experimented with the actual issue that I've described. Note also that I am NOT using the AFL/AEL combined function and that I have already read the manual.

Thank you so much to all who respond with the condition above!!

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