What flash do you use?

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Re: What flash do you use?

RichieStringer wrote:

What flash units do you guys use with your Nikon Z cameras?

I've been using the Godox system, specifically the XPro trigger, AD200 light and TT685N hotshoe flashes with my Z cameras for about 3 years (actually had them before the Z cameras were introduced but they work fine with the Z cameras providing you update the firmware on the strobes and triggers).

I had an SB910 at one point, but sold it and was able to buy the AD200 and a TT685 with the funds. For my uses, I can't tell the difference (other than the AD200 puts out way more light than the SB910 did). Since I don't really shoot portraits professionally I likely won't return to OEM lighting equipment. I might upgrade to something like ProFoto if I get real serious or start doing portraits/studio work as a side income, but so far the Godox works fine for my needs (which portraits amounts to only about 1/4 of my photography) and am pleased with the system an the value it offers (decent system with a good featureset that rivals the OEMs at an affordable price).

One Caveat though is that some non-OEM flashes may not work in TTL mode (it does work with my flashes and the XPro trigger, but some hot-shoe flash units from companies like Yongnuo for example, may not work in TTL mode, even though the units supported it for DSLRs).

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