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hypercore360 wrote:

Seems like I should clarify a little. By "one" lens, I do not mean that all I'll ever get is one lens, but first (one) lens. I do not intend to get the camera body and 2 or 3 lenses all at once. I can, but I just don't want to go that route.

45-100 may in fact be a better choice. I don't know. That's why I started this thread, to get some feedback and insight, which I'm satisfactorily getting.

Appreciate yours and everyone else's comments.


FWIW, I have seriously drooled over the system for a couple years now, and originally was considering buying the 32-64 to start. (the thinking was that if I had to sacrifice width for length for general purpose, I would go wide and crop if needing length)

But, now that the 20-35 has been released, I would likely not consider the 32-64 but would pair the 20-35 with the 45-100 as a 2 lens set.

That said, I actually don't know which I would buy first if I considered just one lens for an extended time; as I've mentioned before, on my Fuji X system the 10-24 gets the most use for landscapes, but the 16-55 gets used more for general photos. So, I would have to dial in exactly how I would use the system - if mostly for landscapes? Then I would start with the 20-35. But, if I'm unsure and think it would quickly have more general use? Harder choice; but, either way for me, I think I've moved past the idea of the 32-64 because once I had 2 lenses I think it would be the 20-35 and 45-100 combo and the 32-64 may become redundant.

You're not the only one that circles, huh? I've circled so much on what I would actually use the system for that I haven't pulled the trigger yet. I'm also following the reviews of the new X-H2 (40mb) to see if that might be a better choice for me, as I would keep all my existing lenses... one thing my circling has revealed, is that the tool behind the camera is probably making a bigger difference than the tool itself...

Hope my circling helps with your circling

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