Maria plays Rachmaninov

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Ed B
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Re: Maria plays Rachmaninov

Ulrik Christiansen wrote:

Ed B wrote:

Ulrik Christiansen wrote:

Ed B wrote:

I'm envious.

You did a great job with the images, and Sergei Rachmaninoff is one of my favorites.

I love Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, among others.

Thank you. I fully agree, Rachmaninoff very high on my list as well.

Or, as your original heading reads, Rachmaninov. I sometimes wonder which is most acceptable.

After a little unscientific googling, this is what I found

"Point being, there are many accepted spellings of his name. Really, if you want to nitpick, Rachmaninoff is the best spelling because that is what he himself used when he wrote in English. Or, if you want to nitpick even further, "Рахманинов" (the Russian) is the best acceptable spelling."


I need to say that I looked at the pictures you have posted on your website and think they're the best I've seen from anyone on these forums.

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