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Has anyone used any very cheap flash units in manual mode? I've heard from some people that it's not a case that any flash will work with any camera. Some say certain flash units simply won't trigger even in manual mode.

Every flash works in manual mode, even older than 50 years flashes, as long as the trigger voltage is not killing the camera. The Z7 can manage up to 250V, so that is safe also. I have several old flash units which I still use, and all those work in manual mode only. Manual flash photography is not rocket science, especially with digital cameras. You can use the trial an error method, with the starting point point of guide number calculation. An easier way is to use a flash meter, which is what I do. It makes multi flash use in manual mode easy also.

I know all flashes can work in manual mode I meant i've been told some cheap flashes won't even trigger with Nikon Z cameras and I was asking if anyone had used dirt cheap flashes with their Nikon Z camera.

I don't know of any flash which will not be triggered by the camera, except maybe the SB-300. All flashes I know can be triggered through the centre shoe contact and the side of the shoe. When those are "touched" the flash triggers. The Z7 camera will always give a trigger signal, even outside the flash sync speed area. The only exception is when the electronic shutter is used, which in the case of Z7, prevents the flash from firing. Other cameras, like the Z9, which only have an electronic shutter, and the Nikon 1 V1 works differently but both trigger the flash and at least the Nikon 1 V1, triggers any flash.

In short, my answer is still the same as before, yes, I have used both cheap and old flashes and those are triggered because the camera does not care, it just triggers. The camera has no idea if there is a flash or not, it just triggers. After that it is up to the flash.

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