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Re: Comparing C1, DxO PureRAW + C1 and Topaz Photo AI + C1

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Many thanks for taking the time with such a composed reply. Hate to say it but my 84yo eyes cannot discern any noticeable difference between the images, all look good.

If you look to the images full screen (24" or larger) or if you look at 100% than you can notice the difference. In particular if you crop an image Topaz can do incredible thinks (most of the time). If you allow me to say so I still think if you want to purchase something next to your C1 Topaz Photo AI would i.m.h.o. suit you the best.

Thanks Ab, that is my opinion as well. Just waiting for the funds to accumulate😎

As an alternative: Just stick to C1. In 90% of the cases it is very suitable, only in low light/ high iso C1 will be grainy (with C1 auto NR settings), but you can always increase NR by hand in C1 with the cost of loss of some fine detail. But is that really an issue for you? If not, and you don't have the funding yet for additional s/w, just don't purchase it. Anyway, once you have the funding available always first use the free trial version to find out if you really need the additional s/w.

Many thanks again guys, especially you Jeremy for your very detailed analysis.

I am finding that my images are improving just by going RAW and using C1. As I said, I am examining my photo needs and will think very long and hard before committing further funds to this hobby.

I wonder who are the audience for your processed images? Are they very demanding (like some of us, including me), or do they just look at images on smallish screens, with no pixel-peeping? Do they have sharp eyes? Do you routinely crop heavily?

If your audience isn't very demanding, you can probably stop worrying about top quality NR and sharpness, and save the money required for class leading software. It seems that you can't see the difference that advanced software can make, and if that's true of others who view your images, why bother with such software? It really doesn't matter if people like me are critical of what we see as noisy, soft images, if you can't see the faults.

At last, some sensible advice!

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