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Re: Comparing C1, DxO PureRAW + C1 and Topaz Photo AI + C1

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Michael - another point I think it's worth mentioning is the fact that the ability to capture interesting and enjoyable photographs is ultimately more important than the post-processing.

I'm not taking a side here but it's possible that some people consider post-processing more important in the creative process.


Another thing one needs to bear in mind is that 99% of my photos are wildlife/birds so composition doesn't really come into it, more a case of point and shoot, usually in good lighting conditions, but occasionally in poor light where noise could be an issue. I'm still leaning towards the on offer Topaz Photo Al to work alongside my C1 22 Sony.

You have four days left to get the 20% discount, plus don't forget to claim the additional 15% that's always available. So that's a total price of $135.15, or about £122.

Sold a few Premium Bonds, just waiting for the finds to appear. How does one claim the extra 15%, at checkout?

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