Rebel XTi Stuck at 30 second shutter speed.

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Re: Rebel XTi Stuck at 30 second shutter speed.

stevet1 wrote:

eiko wrote:

I've been planning on upgrading to something newer cause I've been getting back into photography seriously. But, I really don't want to with this being the reason. Is this issue even fixable or is it something far too gone...


You might try "Clearing all camera settings".

This will be in one of your function tab settings (it looks like a little wrench).

This should reset all your setting back to the factory defaults.

If that doesn't work, you might be looking for a new camera.

Steve Thomas

I mean, Ill still probably send it in to see what can be found out. I just put 400PLUS on it to see it's shutter count and its only at 11386. By all means, it's still a very new by that. regard. And other then this year, It has sat in its camera bag without its battery for a long while. And was only brought out to test new gear I have acquired of the time iv have gotten it.
I did pickup some original canon NB-2LH batteries from the pawn shop when, i started getting back into using the camera. But, they all pass at around 8.3-8.4v fully charged. So, I don't think its them...
I've been using a yongnuo 50mm f1.8 since May. idk
Like yea. Im going to upgrade. But, if I can get it fixed. Im going to try. cause it still takes great pictures in manual. The light metering sometimes comes back to life. So, I'm curious as to what might be causing this.
If anyone knows the technically aspect of the camera and what is being used to determine the shutter speed. Cause I can still get a mainboard. And I have the service manual as well. it would be nice to maybe go to say canon or the local repair shop with a damn good lead. For all I it could just be a back connection...
It kinda hurts to see my first ever dslr go like this... Even with such a lot to give...

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