What flash do you use?

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Re: What flash do you use?

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I'm thinking about getting myself a Godox V685II to work in TTL with my Z6II i've seen videos on Youtube showing it does work in TTL mode. I know some flash units including some Godox don't work with TTL despite being a TTL flash.

They do work in TTL but it's not the same as Nikon TTL-BL, with Nikon units. It doesn't use pre flash metering information It just fires the flash until there is a correct exposure. Although that may be changing with the partnership companies.

It is not too bad with one unit as a main light and is easy enough to work around but when running and gunning or especially multiple units, it is easier.

So let me get this right, it fires the flash multiple times until the exposure is correct?

The flash fires twice for iTTL. First is a weak pre-flash, which the camera uses to evaluate the reflected light and it sets the main flash power based on that. The camera sends the information to the flash, telling it how much power is needed for the image and then the flash fires the second time, this time with the requested power.

I thought with TTL the camera and flash communicate and the flash adjusts power output to get you a correct expoure.

Yes, that's right. The exposure measurement is based on a weak pre-flash. There is ongoing communication between flash and camera, negotiating the power, sending model and other information between them.

I've only ever used flash units in manual mode by taking shots and adjusting then when i'm satisfied with the exposure keeping that photo and deleting the others with exposures I wasn't satisfied with. It used to irritate me.

Why didn't you use a flash meter? It's easy, cheap and works excellent, in fact better than iTTL.

If I just want correst exposure every time using TTL without having to do test shots would a Nikon SB-500 or maybe SB-700 be better?

The SB-700 is fine. It works in every mode you may need.

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