What flash do you use?

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What flash units do you guys use with your Nikon Z cameras?

I still have four operational SB-800s. If I need more for manual stuff I've got a flock of older SB-80DX, SB-24, and Vivitar 285HV flashes. (I can remote vary everything, including the old Vivitars, using trigger/quench control with some little Arduino remotes I made).

I have one SB-800 and I wish I had more. Very reliable. I have the attachment on the side that lets you use an extra battery (5 total). It really speeds up the recycle rate.

I never trusted that gadget: it seemed to get the flashes too hot and 5 alkalines or conventional NiMH wasn't that much faster than 4 eneloops (Old hat now, but they were "new" tech at the time) they have an exceptionally low series resistance and recycle flashes quickly without generating insane heat.

Plus, I'm not set up to manage batteries matched in sets of 5. All my Lacrosse and Opus chargers can match and condition sets of 4.

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