Rebel XTi Stuck at 30 second shutter speed.

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Re: Rebel XTi Stuck at 30 second shutter speed.

eiko wrote:

Quick notes:

Camera registers that is is severely under exposed. Locks out mostly at 30" (sec) shutter speed

Yes, the lens cap is off.

Firmware is at latest.

Manual works normally. But says is its still under exposed.

This only happens in the other shooting modes.( a-dep,AV,TV,P,auto, preset modes)

I've pulled both batteries for discharge.
Okay, I've tried searching the web for this issue but, to no luck on my end. This started back in june of this year. I bought it back in 2010 . Only just started using it seriously this year. Basically what is happening is at first when, I first would turn it on (in AV mode) it would lock the shutter speed at 30''. Turning off and on again would "fix" the issue. But, now it is even doing it regardless of what I do. And even after working normally for a bit. it would just hard lock at 30". Sometimes it will drop to 15'',10'', 8'' if pointed towards direct light. It does this in all modes except Manual but, it dose read it as being max under exposed. It does this with all my lenses. And all three of my batteries for it.(all official canon batteries )
I've been planning on upgrading to something newer cause I've been getting back into photography seriously. But, I really don't want to with this being the reason. Is this issue even fixable or is it something far too gone...

I'm sorry to say that I don't have a fix for you.  I would think that it is some type of internal electronic failure/light meter issue.  I also think that because of its age, it is probably more expensive to repair the camera, than to buy a used one in good working condition.  But since you were planning on upgrading. I think its the perfect time.  Good luck.

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