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Re: Nikon SB500 and SB800 for Balanced Fill

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As VinceP mentioned above, and this was covered in a recent thread if you have a backlit subject the Nikon with the TTL Balanced Fill really does make a difference. I believe only the Nikon flashes have this. I had the SB800 previously and it works by using the settings on the flash. The SB500 I got for travel and I love having it in my bag. It also can control the SB800 off camera and the settings are integrated and set in the Z camera.

Ok I get you now. Thanks.

The prior thread.

Just so people can see. Look at these three shots - TTL only, TTL -1EV, TTL-BL

TTL only

TTL with -1EV


Wow that looks great that the flash adjusts so not to blow out the backlit rear. So is that basically the difference between what non Nikon flash units can do in photo 1 and what Nikon flashes can do with TTL-BL in photo 3? I love that.

There's a 1 stop baseline exposure difference between the first and third pictures, 400 iso vs 200 iso. 
In my experience, especially with the Z6, is that in iTTL-BL it'll balance to the ambient exposure regardless of what your shutter, aperture, iso would say that ambient exposure would look like. This means I can accidentally over/under the background and I still have the right flash ratio and a recoverable image.  If I'm in regular iTTL mode with a Nikon flash or off-brand it'll expose "properly" for whatever shutter/aperture/iso I have set, ignoring what the in-camera meter thinks the scene should be. This can often lead to dark backgrounds and flash shadows as the subject is relatively overflashed, even if they are exposed correctly.

Factor in being able to use Auto-ISO and the Auto flash ISO Sensitivity Control set to Subject and Background you can much more easily get proper exposure in changing light conditions (event coverage for example) letting you focus on the subjects and not whether they're near a bright window or a minimally lit room. Yesterday's wedding was shot entirely in BL, and the first 4-5 hrs were with auto iso turned on until it got consistent enough to lock the ISO at 12800 or 16k when the reception hall turned the lights all the way down.   A lot less stress, quicker edits, more attention on the couple, less on chasing settings.

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