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hypercore360 wrote:

I was in Iceland last week. Had an accident where my full-frame camera body and lens and myself ended up in a small river. Needless to say, the camera and body are destroyed. Put the insurance claim through and it's good to go.

I do not plan to replace the camera body and lens. For some time, I've been considering moving to the Fuji GFX100s. I'm not absolutlely sure, but maybe this is the time to do so.

As is, I cannot afford to get more than the GFX100s body and one lens (only one) for landscapes. This is for now. I will get other lenses with time. But for now, just one lens.

What recommendation for that "one" lens. Greatly appreciated!


I would get the 45-100mm, because you can add the 20-35 later, and you'll have a great two-lens kit. Then, if you want a good, slightly longer portrait lens eventually, you can get the 110mm or the 120mm macro (depending on whether you would like to add macro capability to your kit). Of course you could always choose to add the 100-200 instead, giving yourself a third zoom lens to choose for the longer shots. Many photographers use a kit that includes three zooms (one long, one wide, and one "normal"). You might find the 45-100 just works great, and you'll never have a need for a second lens. I shoot wide stuff too much to be happy with just one lens, but you might be happy with how wide 45mm is on the GFX100s. Of course you don't have to get the 20-35 to go wider. You could choose the much smaller and lighter 30mm lens, which would give you a more portable wide option for much less money. Add the macro later on, and you'd have a great three-lens kit with two primes.

I have a friend with a GFX100s and many lenses (23, 32-64, 45, 80, 120 macro, and 250). He wants to switch to a four-lens kit, with the 20-35, 45, 80, and 120 macro. He has used the 45-100 a few times, and says it's excellent, but he loves his primes. He plans to get a Sony with a 200-600 for longer shots, because he wants something longer than his 250 for shooting wildlife (i.e. bison in Yellowstone, alligators in the Everglades, and flamingos at the zoo).

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