What flash do you use?

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Re: What flash do you use?

I still use an SB700 on camera or with a TTL cord on a bracket. I find it is the smallest, lightest most powerful full featured flash that has accurate exposure. And I have adapted different modifiers for it. Works very well with my Z6s and dslr's

I also occasionally use the smaller/mini Goddox/flash point (takes 2AAs).

I have a godox/flashpoint 860IIN but I find it heavy on the camera bracket and a little slower to preflash and expose with less accurate exposures. Generally I prefer the godox/flash point flashes as off camera, manually controlled flashes.

I have resisted the "round head flashes" they just seem heavier, more expensive and need yet another type of battery. Once they are through a modifier I don't think the roundness makes much difference (it's just the regular flash in a circle!). I generally don't lack power with what I use, so more powerful is not a big selling point for me.

I do wish there was some evolution in TTL flashes, like the ability to adjust color temperature, or an AF assist that works with mirrorless or a useful modeling light option that is in the flash head. But flash technology has been stuck for a decade or more and the Nikon flashes are so over priced and their radio command system is awkward with the stupid dongle and seems to have been designed to prevent third party compatibility rather than give photographers what they need.

I would love a bi-color LED TTL flash, even if it can't be as powerful as an SB 700. A flash really designed for fill flash in mixed lighting. I would even want it if the battery had to be worn on a belt.

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