Weird noises coming from X-H2S and XF18mm F1.4 combo

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Weird noises coming from X-H2S and XF18mm F1.4 combo

Hello guys,

so yesterday when I was playing with my camera I heard weird noises coming from it. Mind you it was late in the night so it was completely silent, that's why I was able to hear it. It is very faint and quiet noise coming from inside of the camera or lens.

I put my ear right next to the camera and it sounded like some micro-adjustment of AF motor or IBIS, I wasn't sure. I checked my AF settings because at first I thought I'm in AF-C mode with cap on lens and camera is trying to focus, but it was set to AF-S.

So I started to investigate and tried every combination of AF-C / AF-S / MF with IBIS set to CONTINUOUS / SHOOTING ONLY / OFF.

In every combination these noises were still present.

I must add that it is not like continuous noise, it's not like some engine/ibis action is constant. It's like every time I changed position of the camera it started to produce these noises for one second or so and then it went completely silent. The more I was "shaking" the camera the more noise it produced so I thought it's IBIS (even though I had IBIS turned completely off in the menu) but after I put on manual formula 5 mc 200/3.5 there was no noise coming from the camera even with IBIS turned on.

I am completely at loss here, I have no idea what is this sound.

Unfortunately XF18/1.4 is the only AF lens I currently have on me.

Do any of you guys have idea what are these noises?

The fact that it happens only with xf18/1.4 and no matter what AF/IBIS setting is on, my best explanation right now is that this sound can be just AF motors trying to hold the glass elements inside from moving? We all know the new trio (18/23/33) suffer from these loose glass elements when turned off. Maybe even in MF mode these motors are still active and are fighting to hold elements in place?

I might sound like a total idiot but not knowing what this sound is just drives me crazy, haha.



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