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sirhawkeye64 wrote:

Dennis wrote:

There's another 10% off sale with some better promos on select gear.

After months of window shopping, I finally decided to make a move toward migrating my DSLR kit to mirrorless. I just ordered (all refurbs):

Z6 with 24-70 $1059 (body only costs more)
50/1.8 S $374
24-200 $469
Z50 2-lens kit $649 (cheaper than the 1-lens kit)

Other deals:
Z5 body only $639
Z7 body only $999
D850 body $1439
24-70/4 $499
and various things at 10% off the normal refurb price. (Interestingly, when I first looked, there were only 3 Z lenses, but in the last couple hours, they've added several more).

The Z7 was tempting, mostly for cropping (otherwise, the 45MP files are just more data than I need to store/process) but I like the idea of a second body for backup and to have a smaller carry-everywhere camera, so opted for the z50 in addition to the Z6.

I plan to get the 105 micro and an FTZ, keep my 70-200/2.8 VRII, Sigma 100-400 (at least for now) and sell off other assorted F mount gear (I may keep my D7500 for a while) and my 3-piece Fuji X kit. My (OG) RX100 is dying and I plan on using the z50 in its place. And either get rid of - or hand down to family - my RX10 III so I'm down to just one brand/system.

I have to say the D850 and Z7 (gen 1) for $1500 are not bad deals.

D850 is for $2000.

I mean if you look at the new/used pricing on a Z7 II being say $3000 and $2500 respectively, you're not giving up much by getting a refurb gen 1 Z7 (except for a slightly longer product shelf life, vertical grip, and a few other things, but for some, may not be worth the extra $1000-$1500). Z5 also isn't bad at $639 either.

Z5 is at $900.

The 24-70 f/4 is about what you'd pay for a used one.

On a side note, I'm wondering if with all these refurbished deals, it means that some big things are coming and Nikon is clearing space in the warehouse for new stuff (new Z products).

Probably means nothing. Just means that Nikon USA has many returned items for these categories - either from other retailers (store demo units) or from end customers (who returned some item because they thought it was defective and got it exchanged).

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