Epson P7000 / 7500 / Canon Pro 2100 to print own work

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Epson P7000 / 7500 / Canon Pro 2100 to print own work

Hi, I have been selling my prints for a number of years and thinking again to start to produce my own prints in my home studio. A 24 inch wide printer covers most of my needs as sell a lot of 36 x 24 inch pints and below and some panoramic which fit within 24 inches wide.

I have saw some of my work produced on a Canon Pro 2100 and the results are very nice, the Epson P7000 seems to yield similar results, also see there is the newer P7500 they are lower in cost than the Canon 2100 and seems to be easier to buy in my region of the UK and found decent prices on the P7000 and P7500, as I am not mainland UK,

I think the Canon would endure a hefty delivery costs which the Epson won't with dealers in this region which throws the price up higher. Also my home studio is an upstairs room in my house, I am hoping that it is possible to get a large printer up the stairs with several people and in ok. I think the Epson is wider but not as deep.

I am thinking the Epson might be more for the money as well, then I could put some money into trimming and finishing the photographs for sending.

I think over the longer term too, in house printing even with the outlay I could decrease the production costs of the printing outscoursing. Maybe even offer a print service to other photographers or general printing service as a bolt on, but not the main reason for setting it up.

I been looking over a lot of videos on youtube on the Epsons and Canon printers, both seem to be very good but the Epson I feel is a bit more for the money with no extra large delivery charge too.

I have a commercial printing background, just not with these printers or inkjets, but with old formats of printing and toner based digital printing now so will have a print understadning at least, just not with these models of printers.

My main sales are landscapes, cityscapes, mostly 36 x 24 inches, 30 x 20 inches and other lower sizes but mostly larger.

I read the Epson P7000 and maybe the P7500 can print onto 1.5mm aluminium, which could be very interesting as well. But the main production idea is prints.

Material I think I would mainly offer would be pearl 290 as a to go too, I have been looking at Photospeed and then can also do some tests and also a nice matt fine art paper as well as I saw some nice results with some of my prints on matt fine art paper.

So thinking all of this over as a next move to self produce prints for the longer term and edging towards the Epson 7000 or newer P7500 on what I have been looking into, costs and results and ease of being able to get on.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on the above from anyone who knows about these printers can can relate to the above.

Many thanks

Nikon Coolpix P7000
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