E-M5 II & Rokinon 85mm T1.5 Cine for MFT

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Re: E-M5 II & Rokinon 85mm T1.5 Cine for MFT

The 85mm MFT lens is a mid-telephoto lens on MFT due to the crop factor (170mm).  I picked up a very inexpensive Rokinon 135mm cine lens for specialty use, but I prefer the regular full frame mounts (I use Nikon), which allow me to use the lenses on Nikon and MFT bodies.

The advantage is that I can use a straight adapter, or speed booster adapter, to get two different focal lengths (and really speed up the lenses).  For example, the 85mm with a .71 speed booster becomes a 60mm lens.

Also, the full frame mounts can be used on tilt/shift adapters on MFT.  I tend to use wide angle lenses for shift, so the crop factor makes that less useful, but the tilt function is useful on the more normal focal lengths.

At any rate, as far as I know, the lens optics are the same and the full frame mount adds flexibility in use.  The downside is the need to use adapters, the upside is the ability to use adapters.

Unless you got the MFT version at a very good price, you might look at getting the full frame version (I've gotten my entire set at very good prices, savings that accounted for the cost of the two Metabones Speedboosters I also have.

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