Problem with Topaz DeNoise AI & Lr 6.14 plugin Keyword tagging

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Problem with Topaz DeNoise AI & Lr 6.14 plugin Keyword tagging

is anyone else experiencing this ?

Lightroom 6.14
Topaz Denoise AI 3.7.0

The Topaz DeNoise Lightroom plugin seems not to be correctly copying/writing keyword tags to the TIFF copy it makes,  or Lightroom is not correctly reading them

On return to Lr the edited TIFF is not visible if a keyword filter is applied despite the TIFF having that keyword tag.

Removal of the filter reveals the edited TIFF alongside the original file (Library Grid View).
Inspection of the TIFF in Lr shows that it seems to have a correct copy of the Keyword Tags - identical to the original file being edited and Lr reports (Keyword List panel) that the number of files (originally n) with the specific Keyword tag has increased by one (n+1)  accounting for the new TIFF that was generated by the Topaz plug-in, however filtering on that keyword selects only the original n files.

Manually editing and overwriting the keyword tag(s) for the new TIFF in Lr remedies the problem for that file - applying the Keyword filter will then filter n+1 files including the new TIFF.

Anybody know of a solution ?


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